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What is Verified By Visa?
I. General Questions

What is the Verified by Visa service (also known as 3D Secure service)?
Verified by Visa is a service offered by ICICI Bank in partnership with Visa . This service provides a way to PIN-protect your Card usage on the Internet.

Simply register your Card and choose a 3D Secure PIN. This 3D Secure PIN will be required whenever you use your Card to make Internet purchases from participating merchants. The requirement of your 3D Secure PIN prevents unauthorized usage of your Card on the Internet, giving you more confidence about making secure purchases online.

Will I need to apply for a new ICICI Bank Card to use Verified by Visa ?
No. Verified by Visa is designed to protect the ICICI Bank Card that you already have.

How much does Verified by Visa cost?
Verified by Visa is free to ICICI Bank Cardholders.

How do I know that my information will be kept private?
ICICI Bank recognizes our obligation to keep information about you secure and confidential. It's important for you to know that, unlike many other financial institutions, we do not sell or share customer information with marketers outside the ICICI Bank. Your information is transmitted using a high level of encryption. We only keep the information necessary to offer the service, which we store on a secure server. To learn more, check out our Privacy and Security information.

Is Verified by Visa easy to use?
Verified by Visa is quick and easy to use. When you submit an order in one of the participating online stores, you will be asked for your Verified by Visa 3D Secure PIN. Simply enter your 3D Secure PIN, choose Submit, and you're done.

What browser do I need to use for Verified by Visa ?
Verified by Visa requires Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4.0 and above, Netscape Navigator 4.0 and above, or America Online 4.0 and above.

Can I use Verified by Visa from any computer?
Yes. One of the great advantages of Verified by Visa is that you can use it from any computer connected to the Web.

II. Registering Your Card

What cards can I register with Verified by Visa ?
You can register any of your ICICI Bank Credit or Debit Cards.

Can I register more than one ICICI Bank Card?
Yes. You are, in fact, required to register all of your ICICI Bank Cards that you wish to use for Internet shopping.

I have an Add-on card. Does the person who holds the Add-on card have to register their card separately or can we share a 3D Secure PIN?
We do not recommend sharing your 3D Secure PIN with anyone. The Add-on cardholder would have to register separately for Verified by Visa and create his/her own 3D Secure PIN. This increases the security of your Verified by Visa online purchases.

Why do you require personal information, such as my date of birth, during registration?
We need to ensure that only the rightful owner of the Visa card is able to register for Verified by Visa. By providing this personal information you help us verify your identity.

I encounter an error message even though I am entering the correct card details and my genuine date of birth. Why does this happen and what should I do?
You must ensure that you enter your Card number & valid from date exactly as it is indicated on your ICICI Bank Card. You will receive an error message if any of these details do not match.

An error would also appear if the date of birth that you are entering does not match with your date of birth (DOB) as captured in our records. This may be due to any reasons that could have occurred during your Card application. To update your correct DOB in our systems, please contact ICICI Bank Customer Care and follow the steps for Date of Birth updating.

What does my 3D Secure PIN have to be made up of?
Your Verified by Visa 3D Secure PIN must be 6 digits in length and contain only numbers.

Why can’t I use alphabets in my Verified by Visa 3D Secure PIN ?
According to the Reserve Bank of India, there will soon be a mandate to enter a 3D Secure PIN for all Interactive Voice Response - IVR (tele-shopping transaction) transactions that take place over the phone. In such cases it is not possible for a customer to enter alphabets or special characters and this is where your numeric Verified by Visa 3D Secure PIN will come in hand. Your 3D Secure PIN will work for IVR transactions also, so that you are not forced to remember different 3D Secure PINs for online shopping and IVR shopping.

What steps should I take to ensure that my 3D Secure PIN is strong and difficult to guess?
Avoid using a 3D Secure PIN that is easy to guess, such as your date of birth. Also avoid using a 3D Secure PIN that you have already used elsewhere. Keep in mind that while consolidating 3D Secure PINs may be more convenient, it can also be less secure. It is your responsibility to protect your 3D Secure PINs.

A secure 3D Secure PIN should be something that is easy for you to remember but difficult for anyone else to guess. Never write down your 3D Secure PIN in a place that could be easily located. Never share your 3D Secure PIN with others. You may even choose to change your 3D Secure PIN periodically.

Can my Verified by Visa 3D Secure PIN be the same as my Infinity Banking Password?
No, since your Infinity Banking Password cannot be purely numeric, it is not possible for you to keep the same 3D Secure PIN for 3D Secure.

If I register two or more ICICI Bank Cards, can I set the 3D Secure PIN to be the same for all the Cards I register?
When you register with Verified by Visa you will be asked to create a 3D Secure PIN only for the Card that you are registering. This 3D Secure PIN allows you to make online purchases from participating Verified by Visa merchants using only that particular card. It is up to you to use the same 3D Secure PIN for your other Cards as well. Keep in mind that while consolidating 3D Secure PINs may be more convenient, it can also be less secure. It is your responsibility to protect your 3D Secure PINs.

What is a Personal Message?
You create your Personal Message as in your Verified by Visa registration. When you pay online, always look for your Personal Message before you enter your 3D Secure PIN to ensure that you're using the authentic Verified by Visa service.

Can I set my Personal Message to be the same as my 3D Secure PIN?
Your Personal Message and your 3D Secure PIN must not be the same, to ensure your security.

III. Using Verified by Visa

How will I shop with Verified by Visa ?
When you pay with your ICICI Bank Card, the 3D Secure service will automatically be extended to you at participating online stores.

Where will I be able to shop using Verified by Visa ?
You can shop at any online store that has the Verified by Visa symbol. According to Reserve Bank of India, all e-commerce merchants in India must implement this second level authentication by August 1, 2009. Verified by Visa is the service that merchants will be using for all Visa card transactions and hence you would be required to use your 3D Secure PIN at all online merchants from August 1, 2009.

How soon after completing my online registration can I begin to use the Verified by Visa service to make online purchases?
The service is activated as soon as you receive confirmation of your registration. You can go shopping immediately at a participating Verified by Visa merchant. At check-out, you will be required to enter your 3D Secure PIN in the 3D Secure window.

What will happen when I go to pay online?
When you finish shopping at a participating Verified by Visa merchant, proceed to the merchant's check-out page. After you enter your registered ICICI Bank Card number and submit your purchase, your Verified by 3D Secure payment window will appear. First, look for your Personal Message. Confirm that it is correct and then, enter your 3D Secure PIN and choose Submit.

Once I sign up for Verified by Visa , will I enter my 3D Secure PIN wherever I shop?
You'll enter your Verified by Visa 3D Secure PIN only when making an online purchase.

I made an online purchase, but the Verified by Visa window did not appear. What's wrong? (not permitted for Indian Merchants after August 1, 2009. International merchants however are not covered in the RBI mandate)
First, check to make sure that the Card you used for the purchase is one that you have registered with the ICICI Bank Verified by Visa service. Second, determine whether the merchant is a participating Verified by Visa merchant. The merchant must be participating in the Verified by Visa service in order for the window to appear.

Some participating merchants have formed marketing alliances with other stores in the hope of providing increased selection and better service to customers of both stores. You may be able to link to these partner stores from the participating merchants' web sites. These partner stores may be independently operated web sites that may not support the Verified by Visa service and may not prompt you for your 3D Secure PIN before completing the purchase. Please check to see if whether the web e from which you are ordering is a web site of a Verified by Visa participating merchant or that of a partner store.

What happens if I try to make a purchase at a merchant that doesn't participate in the Verified by Visa service?
The only difference is that you will not see the Visa payment window prompting you for your 3D Secure PIN – the purchase will proceed just as it did before you registered your Card with Verified by Visa . Of course, by shopping at participating Verified by Visa merchants, you have the extra security of confirming your identity with your 3D Secure PIN.

I don't see my Personal Message on the receipt. What should I do?
Always look for your Personal Message before signing the receipt. If your Personal Message does not appear on the receipt, do not sign it – contact our customer service personnel.

The Personal Message on the receipt is not mine. What should I do?
If a Personal Message other than yours appears on the receipt, please do not sign it – contact our customer service personnel. Always look for your Personal Message before signing the receipt.

What happens if I cancel my ICICI Bank Card and then get a new one with a different account number?
You will need to register the new Card for the Verified by Visa service.

IV. Member Service

Can I change my 3D Secure PIN?
Yes. You can change your 3D Secure PIN, anytime you wish. All you need to do is to log onto and sign into the 3D Secure service using your Card number as the username and your 6-digit numeric 3D Secure PIN as the login 3D Secure PIN. You will see the link to change your 3D Secure PIN once you sign in. follow the simple steps to change to 3D Secure PIN. Please note that you must have your mobile number updated with ICICI Bank to be able to complete this process. Please be advised that since ICICI Bank's 3D Secure website is a secure site, the above link must be typed in as shown. Alternatively, you may choose to visit to reach the same website.

What if I forget my 3D Secure PIN?
For your protection you are offered three attempts to enter your 3D Secure PIN correctly before your 3D Secure PIN is suspended. By selecting 'Forgot 3D Secure PIN', you will be asked to provide your card details and your date of birth as you had entered them during enrolment. After this, you would be sent a One Time Password (OTP) at your ICICI Bank registered mobile number , via an SMS. You would then have to enter this OTP either during your current transaction or by visiting . Once you have entered the OTP successfully, you will be allowed to create a fresh 3D Secure PIN. If you still face problems, please contact ICICI Bank for assistance.

How do I change the mobile number that I have selected for use with Verified by Visa correspondence?
ICICI Bank 3D Secure service uses the mobile number that you have updated with ICICI Bank Cards for all its communication. To make a change in the 3D Secure correspondence address or mobile number, update your new details with ICICI Bank Customer Care.

What happens if my Card is lost or stolen? Do I have to re-register with the Verified by Visa service when I receive a new Card?
To report your Card lost or stolen, call ICICI Bank Customer Care. Since you have registered your Card with Verified by Visa , you have reduced the chance for online fraud on your Card. You will be required to re-register your new Card number, and the new Card number will be associated with your existing Verified by Visa profile.

What happens if I suspect that someone has stolen or guessed my 3D Secure PIN?
If you feel that your 3D Secure PIN has been compromised, log in to our 3D Secure website '' to re-set your 3D Secure PIN. If you also feel that your Card number has been compromised and may be used fraudulently, you should immediately call ICICI Bank Customer Care and report your card as lost or stolen.

Whom should I call if the goods I purchase using the Verified by Visa service do not arrive, are damaged, or are unsatisfactory?
Your first attempt to correct the problem should be to contact the merchant with whom you placed the order. Almost all online merchants have return policies and instructions posted on their web sites. Customer service phone numbers are also easily accessible on the merchants’ site. Most online merchants will do their best to correct the problem in a timely manner. If the merchant fails to resolve the issue, you can dispute a transaction according to the terms and conditions of the card you used to make the purchase.

Verified by Visa  
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